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The Alphabet Book Of Animals - Easy Ways To Learn The Abcs

Alphabet Book Of Animals5 Star Rating
Alphabet Book Of Animals
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The author is Chris Q Sheridan and it was published in February of 2013 by Booka Booka Publishing. The book is 59 pages long. If you want a copy of this book for your kids, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.

alphabet book animals easy ways learn

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Publisher: Booka Booka Publishing
Author: Chris Q Sheridan

Full Description

“ Easy Way to Learn the ABCs” Books Introducing your kid for the alphabet - from ABC to XYZ - in a fabulous way. Educational and enticing on all fronts, you can also use this as among the much a lot more vibrant abc books in your collection. Filled with vibrant, captivating photos of animals from A to Z, it consists of the frequent animals that your child can recognize in her everyday life, at precisely the same time because the far more exotic to engage her in wonder and develop her curiosity. My kids love animals. ” What letter does Panda start with? From the vibrantly bright green tree frog towards the spots/squares on the sleek head and neck in the jaguar to the fuzzy but regal face of the lion to the striking and mind-twisting, eye-crossing stripes from the zebra… take your child on a fascinating trip about the animal kingdom. Your older children will especially like finding out the exotic animals. I would recommend this book to my friends and to my oldest's preschool. ” Join them on their quest to learn the alphabet as they discover all types of wild and domestic life starting with distinct letters. Pick up your copy today! “ B” … no that's bunny. His favorite is the lion or the ostrich depending on the day and his mood. My favorite animal could be the Koala simply because inside the picture it looks like he has soft ears. Use it as a guide to introduce your child to shapes, textures, patterns and colors. I love animal books and this book has good pictures. It will rank highly on your shelf of animal books. ” - Elizabeth Swanson“ ABCs through wildlife. So she keeps asking me to study it again. What People Are Saying:“ I liked the animals. I don't know if there's been one day inside the past two weeks that she hasn't asked for it. Even my 7 yr old (almost 8) enjoys the pictures. I like that the elephant and his family members sing together when they're happy. It will soon become a single of your child's favorite kids picture books. My oldest son enjoyed the Ibex probably the most and of course, the rhinoceros! Especially my 3 yr old daughter. “ P! ” - Kimberly Mason ” Yes, that's right… good job Braelynn! My youngest loved the photos the most as my reading to him didn't seem to turn into half as interesting as looking at the animals. The book not just lets you share precious bonding time with your child as you explore the animals together, but might be employed by parents, grandparents, day care providers, teachers and therapists to lay an early foundation for good observational expertise. Animals that I recognize that reside about our house are bunnies, quails, and Yorkies. Explore the alphabet with your child in this exciting animal alphabet book. Your youngster will have such fun exploring what's subsequent that they won't even be aware that they are engaged inside the learning process… and that's always the best strategy to understand. It was funny to view him react towards the cat (C) because even though we have a cat, who looks much different, he was inside a position to recognize the animal by its similarities. - Braelynn Shae 3 1/2 years old - as reported by her grandfather :) “ The photos in this book are 1st rate. Your younger kids will enjoy the animal pictures. They are so colorful it almost hurts to look at them but are so clear so my kids can point out even the smallest functions of each animal. Although understanding their ABCs, they will also be exploring the natural world and developing an appreciation for the wide assortment of creatures that roam the earth. This animal picture book will capture your child's curiosity in regards to the animal kingdom and the planet about him, while he gets his abc learning on. They can all say “ cat” or “ dog” but won't you be proud as she showcases her information when she's the very first kid in her preschool to say “ ibex” or “ koala. I shared this book with my 1 year old and 4 year old, and it was loved by both!


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Num. Pages: 59

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