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Curious George's Abcs

Rating 4
Curious Georges Abcs

HMH Books

Author: H. A. Rey

Kids love this fabulous book. The author is H. A. Rey and it was published by HMH Books. It was available on bookshelves on the 30th of March, 1998. The children's book has 24 pages. Envision your self as being the leading character, contemplating and also desperate for the answers. When you read, envision this dilemma inside of your head. You may get as imaginative as you choose with the scenario mentally.

"A is an alligator with its mouth wide open, B is actually a big blue bird, C is really a crab with two clamping claws."You get the concept. The A is actually the gaping jaw from the alligator, the B could be the head and body of the big blue bird, and so on. In most in the pictures--not-so-curiously, 26 in all--youngsters will delight in finding a tiny Curious George, just about to acquire into mischief, no doubt. In this board book, the letter itself mimics the shape of the animal or object in question. Adult Curious George fans will get a kick out of sharing their long-time monkey friend with their favorite little chimps, and preschoolers will enjoy the comical illustrations that offer you just the appropriate amount of detail to keep things interesting. (Baby to Preschool) --Karin Snelson It's never too early to get your babies chewing on books and ruminating on the alphabet, and young kids of all ages enjoy the company of H. A. Rey's intrepid monkey, Curious George.


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