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Puppy's Quest: A Fun, Rhyming Abc Adventure

Rating 5
Puppys Quest A Fun
Author: Lily Lexington

For anybody who is interested in a children's book I've come up with some good info. Puppy's Quest: A Fun by Lily Lexington is a wonderful book. The book has 37 pages. To buy a copy at the best price, click on our partners via the link below.

The New Bestseller. A is a vowel and is used to create words,Like friendly antelopes grazing in herds. Explore the alphabet with your child in this exciting rhyming story featuring Pup the Puppy, Drago the Dragon and Blossom the Fairy. - Beautiful, color illustrations that can captivate your young youngster. From the bestselling author of Bear Learns to Share, My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables and Lola the Mermaid in the Splish Splash Olympics comes a beautifully illustrated alphabet adventure. Your older young children will specifically like the rhyming story format. - Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest- Your child will have such fun they won't even be aware that they are learning their ABCs Your younger youngsters will enjoy the fun and shenanigans of Pup, Drago and Blossom. Update: The Last Page Issue Has Been Rectified: 15/5/2012 Captivate your child's imagination with this fun and educational story as they learn their ABCs. Join them on their quest to explore alphabet world as they discover different places, people, animals and objects starting with different letters. Extract from the story:A is for art and an apple to eat. An A for an ape and an aardvark we meet. Your child will take delight in the entertaining and adorable antics of Pup, Drago and Blossom throughout their journey on every single page as they discover new words and letters. Pick up your copy today!


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